{:en}Buying a New Home in Burnaby But it is 30 Years Older than Advertised{:}{:zh}在温哥华买房一定要注意的事项 | 买房须知帮您省钱{:}

{:en}Buying a New Home in Burnaby But it is 30 Years Older than Advertised{:}{:zh}在温哥华买房一定要注意的事项 | 买房须知帮您省钱{:}


Buying a New Home in Burnaby But it is 30 Years Older than Advertised

Reported by News 1130: A woman purchased a house in 2016 in Burnaby. She was told the house was 10 years old, however, the house was 40 years old – build in 1976. Now she wants her realtor to get some kind of punishment.

The Real Estate Council of BC has issued a letter of advisement to her realtor. But the buyer Ms.Chen said that isn’t enough; she wants the real estate council to discipline the realtor.

Ms.Chen, the buyer said: I’d like to share my experience to the public. From my experience, I really have no faith. I cannot trust a realtor.”

In 2016, the market is hot. She was advised not to have the home inspection, otherwise, the deal will be gone. However, this claim has not been proven by the court. 

She is urging all buyers that home inspection is extremely important no matter what the realtor tells you.

Besides that, Ms.Chen also found the cracking in this house foundation.

The listing agent has been disciplined by the Real Estate Council. He was ordered to pay $6,500 for misrepresenting the age of the home. And the real estate council will take another look at Ms.Chen’s realtor’s conduct.

Chen said: “My mistake is that I trusted the realtor. People may challenge me; it’s my fault to remove the home inspection. Yes, I admit it’s my fault. But what did my realtor do? At least she should give me a warning, [contact BC Assessment] or call the city. This is a different way to find out the real age of the house. Not only the home inspection.”


After reading this story, what do you think?

My comment is:

  • first of all, sorry to hear that – I’ve taken a look at her property info, priced dropped a lot
  • get the home inspection done – don’t forget to hire your own inspector, never asked your realtor to introduce you one
  • check BC assessment – it only takes you less than 1 min
  • never look at what realtor say, look what they do for you
  • work closely with your realtor – ask, ask, and ask



在温哥华买房一定要注意的事项 | 买房须知帮您省钱










主流社会对陈女士不是那么同情, 说的话有点难听。




  • 首先,很遗憾得知–我查看了她的房地产信息,价格下降了很多, 确实让人心疼
  • 验房–不要忘记雇用自己的验房师傅,别叫房地产经纪给你介绍
  • 看看BC评估-仅需不到1分钟的时间
  • 永远不要看房地产经纪说什么,看看他们为你做什么 – 话好听, 没有, 事干的漂亮才是真的
  • 与房地产经纪人紧密合作 – 多问, 多问, 多问
  • 自己也要做功课