Buyers Can take an Advantage on Slow Market/房屋買家福利

Buyers Can take an Advantage on Slow Market/房屋買家福利

Slow Market is good for home buyers in Vancouver
樓市轉淡對溫哥華買家更有利 – 溫哥華房地產

Our previous post has indicated the real estate market in Vancouver is getting slow. So, is that a good time for the 1st time home buyer to purchase now??? Some say yes, some says no. For people who are saying yes, because the buyer can take a big advantage now. For people who are saying no, because they are scared to get in – will the market gets slower and slower.

There are several benefits for home buyers to get in now:

More Selection: There are more houses/townhouses/condos for buyers to choose from now. In a hot market, after you view a property, and do some study on it; once you want a 2nd view or decide to make an offer – it might be already sold. But now, take your time.

More Bargain Power: In a slow market, it is always the buyer’s market. One of our team members closed a sale last week. During the negotiation, the buyer wants to put that 55” TV onto the included items. When we talk to the seller for the buyer’s request, surprisingly, the seller agreed. That will not happen when the market was hot.

Less Competition: When we worked with our buyer clients; one thing headaches us – too many offers on the property he/she likes. Which means our buyer clients have to pay a bit more if they want the offer to accept by the seller. Personally, I don’t like competition, if a pens sell for $5, why should I pay $5.25 to get it????

Price: In a slow market, buyers can easily get a 5-7% discount.  For a $500,000 condo, you save $25,000 instantly, why not?

Like any other markets, the real estate market will go ups and downs – cycling. The market might be slow for 6-18 months, and it will gradually climbing back up again.

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樓市轉淡對購房者/要買房的買家更有利 – 溫哥華買樓

我們之前的帖子講述了溫哥華的房地產市場正在開始變得緩慢。那麼,這是第一次置業者購買房子的好時機嗎?有人說是,有人說不是。對於說是的人來講,因為買家現在可以獲得很大的優勢。對於說不是的人來說,因為他們害怕進入市場 – 擔心市場會得越來越淡。


更多選擇:現在有更多房屋/聯排別墅/公寓供買家選擇。在熱門的市場中,在您看完房房之後會想考察考察;  當你想要看第二次或決定出價時 – 那個房子可能已經售出。但現在,不急, 可以慢慢考察。


小點競爭:當我們與買方客戶合作時;有一件事令我們非常頭疼 – 太多offers。這意味著如果買家希望賣家接受我們的offer,我們的買家必須支付更多費用。就個人而言,我不是很喜歡太多競爭(競價),如果一支筆價值是五元,我為什麼要付5.25來買呢?



需要更多建議,今天就和我們聯繫。我們誠信,透明,以您的利益為第一。如果想睇睇其他樓, 點擊呢度

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