Vancouver Real Estate Trend July.2018/温哥华七月房价月报

Vancouver Real Estate Trend July.2018/温哥华七月房价月报

Vancouver Real Estate Trend July.2018/温哥华七月房价走勢月报

July.2018, housing sales reach the lowest level for the month since 2000.  This real estate trend reflects the market is getting slower.

In REGGV report, we found that property sales in the region totaled 2,070 in July.2018, a 30.1% decrease from July.2017, and 14.6% decrease compared to June.2018.  Can you believe that it was 29.3% below the 10-year July sales average?

Let’s take a close look at the sold price:

  • House average sold price: 1.607million, 6% down
  • Townhouse average sold price: 885k, 9.2% up
  • Apartment average sold price: 708k, 6.4% up

Summer is the traditionally quiet time of year in real estate. However, with mortgage rate up that makes a lots of buyers to take a wait-and-see approach.

温哥华房地产趋势/房价July.2018 /温哥华房价

七月2018 2018年7月,房屋销售量达到2000年以来的最低水平。


难以置信,今年七月 – 是10年以来最低的销售平均值: 下滑29.3%。


  • 房屋平均售价:160.7万,下降6%
  • 联排别墅平均售价:885k,增长9.2%•
  • 公寓平均售价:708k,上涨6.4%



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