Availability of Pre-Sale Condos Vancouver | 大温楼花2019

Availability of Pre-Sale Condos Vancouver | 大温楼花2019

Availability of Pre-Sale Condos Vancouver | 大温楼花2019

Availability of Pre-Sale Condos Vancouver | 大温楼花2019: numbers of concrete condos complete and unsold or availability increase 4 times in a year – Urban Development Institute‘s State of the Market Q4 2018 reports on March.07.2019.

For buyers who want to purchase a pre-sale condo in this period of time; it is a good time because of pre-sale condo availability units keep increasing. (the presale condos sales will not reflect on MLS Listing Vancouver).

Urban Analytics said that the number of concrete condos that were either released for presale or completed and unsold, at the end of 2018’s fourth quarter, was quadruple that of one year prior.

Total of 5,918 new concrete condos released at the end of the quarter 2018 which is 134% increase compared to quarter 3 2018; and 301% increase compared to the same quarter 2018.

Chart for your reference: Source from Urban Development Institute’s State of the Market Q4 2018 report, compiled by Urban Analytics


Note: Inner Metro: Squamish, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, South Delta, Coquitlam, PortMoody & Port Coquitlam.
Outer Metro: Langley, North Delta, Surrey, White Rock, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, and Abbotsford.
Vancouver: Downtown Vancouver, Vancouver West, and Vancouver East

But, there are only 99 of 5,918 pre-sale condos are “standing inventory”. What is “standing inventory”??? Standing inventory are condos complete and ready to move in. Quote from the report author: “When compared to the same quarter five years ago, this represents a 608-unit (86 percent) decline in move-in ready concrete condominiums across Metro Vancouver.”

This represents the market absorption rate is still very high even it is getting a bit slow now.  When we change our focus on Richmond and Delta, there are only 39 move-in ready condos; 34 in Burnaby and New Westminister…


Moreover, Urban Analytics reports that there were 1,013 wood frame condos released in the Quarter 4 2018 – 9% increased compared to Quarter 3 2018, but 164% increased year-over-year.


大温楼花2019 – 库存

温哥华预售公寓|大温楼花2019:城市发展研究所的市场报告在2018年第四季报告指出混凝土公寓 (楼花)的数量增加了4倍。


Urban Analytics表示,在2018年第四季度结束时,预售或已完成和未售出的混凝土公寓数量是一年前的四倍。


但是,在5,918个预售公寓中只有99个是“常备库存”。什么是“常备库存”???常备库存就是已经完成并准备好入住。报告作者引用:“与五年前的同一季度相比,这意味着大温哥华地区的混凝土公寓的下降608个单位(86%)。 “这表示市场吸收率仍然非常高,即使现在变得有点慢。

当我们再看列治文和三角洲时,只有39个可入住公寓; 本拿比和新西敏只有34个可入住单位 …

此外,Urban Analytics报告称,2018年第4季度共发布了1,013套木结构公寓 – 与2018年第3季度相比增长了9%,但年增长了164%。