A new home costs Vacouver / 溫哥華买房屋的费用

A new home costs Vacouver / 溫哥華买房屋的费用

A new home costs – Vancouver Real Estate Knowledge
买房屋的费用 – 溫哥華房地產知識

If you the 1st time home buyer, do not only look at the listing price. There are a lots fees that associated with a new home:

  • Mortgage Fee: if you are planning to have a mortgage with bank institutions – they will charge you this fee.
  • Mortgage broker fee: If you are not dealing with a bank directly, instead of mortgage broker; this would be a cost as well.
  • Legal Fee: you need a lawyer to help you on transferring the title and register a mortgage, that will cost you about $800-1200.
  • Appraisal Fee: most buyers think this part should count on bank’s shoulder, NO, it is on you. usually, cost you $200-300
  • Deposit: part of the downpayment cost
  • Home inspection: if you are buying a house, highly recommend to do a home inspection; for new condos, NO.
  • Property Tax and Utility: You need to pay on adjustment day
  • Interest Adjustment: Bank will collect this from you.
  • Insurance: The bank required all borrowers to buy insurance to cover the damages on the property.
  • Moving cost: $100-250; some strata management company will charge you $100 for moving in.
  • Form B and F fee: only if you are buying a strata property; condo/townhouse
  • New furniture: this is up to you

Bills, bills and bills, yes, there are a lots things for you to consider when you are buying a new home. If you plan to put $80,000 as your down payment, please considerate above costs as well; after you paid all the costs, you might only have $68,000 – 72,000 for the downpayment.

If you have any questions about buying a new home in Vancouver area, feel free to contact us; we are your real estate 7/11.

溫哥華買房網 – 買房賣房須知


  • 房屋贷款/按揭费用:任何银行都一定会收取房屋贷款费用
  • 按揭经纪人费用:如果您不直接和银行直接打交道,而是选择按揭代理; 他们也会收取服务费用。
  • 法律费用:您需要一位律师帮助您产权登记/过户;并注册抵押贷款,这将花费大约800-1200美元; 加上其他杂项费用。
  • 物业评估费用:大多数买家认为这部分费用应该银行给,其实不然,买家给; 不过不用你拿钱出来, 银行在你户口或贷款里面加上这个费用
  • 首付:首付费用
  • 房屋检查:如果你买独立屋,一定要做; 如果新的公寓, 一般没有什么问题。
  • 物业税:给政府
  • 利息调整:不是每个房屋交易都是某年某月的一号; 如果你买卖在某月的10号; 那银行就会从收取你10号到月底的利息, 其他再按签订利率计算。
  • 保险:银行要求所有的借款人购买房屋保险。
  • 搬迁费用:100-250; 某些物业公司还会收取你¥100-200 搬迁费。
  • 表格B和F的费用:只有当你购买地层物业;公寓/联排别墅 时产生
  • 新家具:便宜又便宜买, 贵有贵买, 看自己能承担能力。

钱, 钱,钱,钱, 钱,什么都是钱, 什么都要钱,买新屋, 还有有很多事情要考虑在内。如果您打算给80,000作为首期,将以上成本考虑进去; 您可能只有68,000 – 72,000左右做首期。


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