10 Questions to Evaluate You Home Buying Agent/如何考察你的经纪

10 Questions to Evaluate You Home Buying Agent/如何考察你的经纪

10 Questions to Evaluate You Home Buying Agent

Buying a new home has never been an easy task. There are many things to consider, such as transportation, environment, prices, mortgage, interest rate. . . All those problems a headache most of the buyers. Even more troublesome is that you have found out your agent is not 100% stand on your side, what they want is to close a deal as soon as possible. Always remember, the buyer wants a realtor who can think from the perspective of the buyer; not a driver takes us to visit the houses.

When you interviewing your agent, ask them the following questions:

  • Which brokerage do you work for? – the bigger firm, more resources.
  • How long have you in business? – experienced agent and in-experienced agent.
  • Is that your full-time job? – in the real estate field, our income is not that stable, so many agents treat this as a part-time.
  • Have you had customer service experience? – if she/he did, they will have more patience on us.
  • How much you charge? – If you guys sign an agent relationship contract, he/she must disclose their commission via this deal.
  • What area are you most familiar with?
  • Do you know what kind of properties am I looking for? – if the answer is NO, see how many questions he/she is going to ask you.
  • Do you know how to treat 1st time home buyers?  –  if the answer is Yes, for example……
  • Is there anything I haven’t ask that you think I should know? – check his/her answer, see the difference between him/her and any other agents.
  • May I have 1-2 home buyers that you have worked with for reference?

Buying a new house/apartment is our big step in life. We need to find a reliable realtor to work with us.

如果你選擇買樓, 挑選一個房地產經紀其實真係好重要

买新房从来就不会是一件容易的事情, 考虑的东西很多很多, 例如: 交通,环境,配套,价格,贷款,利息。。。多不胜数,令不少买家头疼。 更头疼的是,如果你的房屋地产经纪有意无意不站在你的角度去想, 他们只想快点成交, 这样更会把你推入一个两难的局面。要记住,买家要的是一个能站在买家角度想的经纪;不是一个司机带我们去看房。 所以选择一个好的经纪不仅能帮助我们提高谈判筹码,还能解决很多烦心事。


  • 你挂靠哪个地产行? – 公司越大,给员工遵守的守则就越多; 但,这个还是要看人; 不能一概而论。
  • 你在这行多久了? – 有经验的经纪会知道更多买卖的潜在问题。
  • 你全职做房地产经纪吗?- 这行由于收入不稳定, 很多人都是做兼职。
  • 你是否从事过客服?- 通常做过客服行业的, 都会更有内心,更懂得如何对待客人。
  • 你要收我多少钱?- 如果他/她成为你的指定买家经纪, 他/她一定要透漏这方面的信息。
  • 哪个区域是你的强项? – 每个经纪都有自己特别熟悉区域和地段。
  • 你知道我想找什么样的房子吗 – 知道就知道,不知道就问, 这是考察经纪的临场反应和忠诚度。因为他极有可能在不久的将来代表你去和卖家经纪谈判。
  • 你知道如何对待一个第一次购房的买家吗? – 内心,内心,内心, 因为毕竟买房是件大事, 不是每个人都有钱买房投资。
  • 你有什么补充的吗? – 这是留一个空间给经纪去想想他/她有什么与众不同。
  • 你可以提供1-2个你之前服务过的买家给我做参考吗? – 你可以打电话去问问之前买家选择这位经纪的售后服务。

無論你是在溫哥華或者世界任何一個地方买房是人生大事, 一定要找个靠谱的房地產经纪。

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